About the Department

The Department of physical science is one of the leading departments of SriGanganagar in terms of teaching in physical science. The faculty has made significant contribution to novel interdisciplinary areas interfacing physics. The department has well-developed computing facilities and well-equipped laboratories.

“Department of physical science” has acknowledged in many ways. The B.Sc. program is running since 1959, the B.Sc. graduates have found subsequent position with great ease. Now we are stepping ahead with P.G. Physics. Many faculty members have participated in inter college conferences. Most of faculty members have taught in prestigious institutions of local areas.

DOP is a standard stopping point for many renowned physicists from all over district and a vigorous seminar programme is one of the most valued features of the departmental life. Before processing to remark on DOP milieu. DOP is a particularly democratic school, with vigorous debates on all matters, academic or otherwise. There has never been a strong hierarchical structure in DOP, with the result that faculty, students and staff have all been involved in most decision-making processes. The process has continually energized the school and resulted in progressive and close-knit department.

Laboratories & Research Facilities

Experiments performed in laboratories are crucial to understanding of natural phenomenon and are an integral part of research and training in the physical sciences. Balanced growth of experimental activities with sound theoretical understanding forms the back-bone of our programme.

Experimental Facilities:

  1. R-C phase shift oscillator
  2. Wein-Bridge oscillator
  3. seven-segament display
  4. R-C coupled amplifier
  5. instrumentation amplifier
  6. operational amplifier
  7. Geiger-Muller counter
  8. hall effect
  9. hysterisis loop
  10. band pass filter
  11. quincke’s tube
  12. stefan’s constant
  13. michelson interferometer (to determine the wave length of sodium light)
  14. experimental verification of cauchy’s formula by spectrometer complete brass
  15. differentiator,integrator & clipping clamping
  16. monostable astable multivibrator (BC-108)
  17. astable multivibrator(IC-555)
  18. designing of logic gates(BC-147)
  19. designing of power supply
  20. designing of unijunction transistor

Experimental Facilities:

  1. M.Sc. (PHYSICS)
  4. forensic sciences
  5. Merchant navy
  6. Hotel management
  7. Animation
  8. Architecture
  9. finance
  10. Fashion designing
  11. S.S.C.
  12. Bank P.O.

Career Trends

The various career option after completing M.Sc. in physics

  1. GATE and M.Tech.
  2. GATE and Ph.D.
  3. CSIR NET, JRF (Research field), Ph.D.
  4. CSIR NET, lecturership
  5. Research(DRDO,BARC,TIFR,IISc)


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